“Lightweight and portable, my massage gun has become the ultimate staple in my gym bag.”

“This has completely stepped up my regime. Percussion massage feels amazing, but the best part is that it minimizes pesky post-workout muscle soreness and recovery time, so I can get my mind and body back in the game faster.”


REBEL™ is a premium, German engineered deep-tissue & percussion massage gun offering professional-grade performance. Featuring several unique massage extensions for optimal overall therapy , REBEL™ is powerfully quiet and extremely effective in relieving soreness and tension.


Our intelligent ergonomic design featuring slip-resistant coating absorbs shock and vibrations, guaranteeing a comfortable experience for both hands and body.


Designed to perform time after time without compromise, our Metal Tech Vent collection breaks the barriers of recovery and regeneration, allowing you to get back on track faster than ever before.


Impeccable power yet impossibly quiet, the Metal Vent Tech collection’s rebellious design exceeds expectations, performing pulsating massage to release deep tension rooted in even the most stressed out muscles.


REBEL™ PRO comes with a rebellious warranty. Why? Because we believe in it so much that we confidently put our money where our mouth is.

“This is my third massage gun to buy and it’s the best one I’ve tried. Quiet, powerful and effective, I am just sorry that I didn’t buy REBEL first. Love that it’s comfortable to hold and the battery life is very good.”

“I use my massage gun daily after exercise. It really helps me to recover faster.”

“I love this gun. It helps me to reach areas that I can’t work on with a foam roller. Very impressed with the battery life too.”

“I bought the REBEL mini for my daughter to use at the gym. And thankfully she loves it! Excellent product, fast delivery and great customer care. I contacted support with lots of questions before purchasing and they were very helpful. Highly recommend.”

The muscle-healing process

Discover the possibilities.

Your body is a temple, and what you put into it matters – why should the outside be any different? REBEL says no to harmful plastics, and our innovative attachments – with the exception of the ultra-gentle Supersoft – are expertly constructed with easy-to-clean non-porous closed-cell foam, delivering a post-workout massage that is as hygienic as it is soothing.